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We are creating A Better Way for people to manage their risk of anaphylaxis

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to offer people with anaphylaxis an affordable, needle-free epinephrine nasal spray that is small enough to comfortably carry in a pocket and easy to use without any special medical training.


Easy to use



Our Commitment

Bryn Pharma was founded by patients who are personally affected by anaphylaxis. The concerns of patients and caregivers like us have informed our approach. Our experience has fueled our drive to find A Better Way.

Too many anaphylaxis attacks go untreated — or treatment is delayed — for two key reasons: first, because current emergency epinephrine devices rely on needles, which many people are scared of or aren’t prepared to administer; second, because many people simply don’t carry the appropriate dosage with them (or carry any dosage at all) because the current devices are too big and bulky.1,2

We are creating a practical solution to help our community address these challenges and better manage their daily lives with severe allergies.

If approved, UTULY™ will be the first novel delivery system for emergency epinephrine in fifty years. Epinephrine is the only approved treatment for anaphylaxis. In the early 1900s, epinephrine was developed as a synthetic drug and became widely used in medicine. In the 1960s, doctors started prescribing patients at risk of anaphylaxis a vial of epinephrine and a syringe to manage the condition. In 1987, the FDA approved the first epinephrine autoinjector.3 Since introduction, the autoinjector has become the most popular treatment in outpatient settings.4 Today Bryn is working to continue the path of innovation with the first epinephrine nasal spray.

In addition to improving epinephrine delivery systems, Bryn is committed to improving access to emergency medical treatment for all patients at risk of an anaphylactic attack. The Bryn Pharma Foundation will provide financial support to patients that cannot access an emergency epinephrine device through other channels.

Download our Disease Overview to learn more about the burden of anaphylaxis