Our Product

We are developing a revolutionary epinephrine nasal spray for patients at-risk of anaphylaxis. Our clinical program focused on demonstrating comparable or improved pharmacokinetic parameters and safety comparisons of NDS1C to the most widely prescribed outpatient treatment, the 0.3 mg IM epinephrine autoinjector, in accordance with clinical practice guidelines.

Our Device

We are developing an affordable, needle-free, small, and easy to use epinephrine nasal spray for the treatment of anaphylaxis. Studies have shown that, despite practice and prescription guidelines, most people at risk for anaphylaxis don't always carry one of their autoinjectors, and even fewer carry two epinephrine autoinjectors. This is due in part to size and cost of the products, putting patients at greater risk of severe complications during an allergic reaction. NDS1C is designed to provide patients with a life-saving treatment that is affordable, needle free, small, easy to use and complies with practice parameters.

NDS1C is not currently approved by the FDA or any international regulatory authority.

NDS1C - Bryn Pharma